Auckland Council Services, Spending, Governance

Auckland Council Services, Spending, Governance 

To improve Auckland Council decisions, we will:

  • Review and reform Auckland Council’s organisational structures and processes from the ground up.

  • Implement fit-for-purpose structures and operating procedures for the Auckland Council governing body and standing committees.

  • Advocate a comprehensive review of the Auckland Council model and legislation.

  • Champion a new customer service approach that better values resident and local business needs and puts them at the heart of Auckland Council services.

  • Produce an annual report to Aucklanders on the value received from rates and council charges, including staff numbers, for each service.

  • Lead a strong value-for-money focus to significantly reduce organisation-wide costs, reject low priority spending, and focus spending on services that address priority needs.

  • Implement an organisation-wide plan to increase revenue from the parts of Auckland Council that have a commercial component.

  • Rewrite the control and accountability statements for all Council Controlled Organisations to improve the control of, Auckland Transport, Tataki Auckland Unlimited, Eke Panuku Development Auckland, and Watercare.

  • Revise the director appointment process for Council Controlled Organisations to set a clearer understanding of Auckland Council’s expectations as the shareholder.

  • Work to replace the fuel tax with a fairer way to fund infrastructure.

  • Implement a finance policy that does not fix the interest rates on most of Auckland Council’s debt for 10 years, as is Auckland Council’s current practice. 

  • Adopt a development contributions policy, in conjunction with the 10- year budget, to enhance Auckland Council’s ability to set a development contributions policy that meets the needs of a growing population.

  • Ensure greater delegation of decision-making, with commensurate funding, on local matters to local boards.

  • Review the primary services Auckland Council provides within the context of delivering on the four well-beings, prescribed by the Local Government Act.

  • Consider the appointment of an Independent Auckland Services Performance Auditor, as recommended by the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance 2009.
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