Adam Hughes

DHB Candidate for Auckland District Health Board


Adam Hughes

I'm committed to a DHB which does the basics well and is accessible for all Aucklanders when they need services. As an assertive, pragmatic board member, I will bring my knowledge of health, risk management and governance to provide rational guidance and accountability to how your tax dollars are invested and spent.

Graduating as a Physiotherapist from Otago University, my passion quickly turned to harm prevention rather than rehabilitation and I'm now the Health, Safety and Environmental leader for a Fortune 100 company based in Auckland. I have Master degrees in Occupational Health & Safety (MOSH) and Business Administration (MBA). You get medical knowledge and real-world strategic experience by voting for me.

I currently chair Neuro Connection Foundation - a not-for-profit rehabilitation provider for individuals affected by acute and degenerative neurological conditions such as strokes, Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

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