Ian Ward

DHB for Auckland District Health Board


Ian Ward

My healthcare experience includes nine years as an ADHB board member, including chairing the Finance, Risk and Audit committee, previous Deputy Chair of NZ Blood Service, former board member of Health Vision Limited and Francis International Health.

Prior to this, I was Chief Financial Officer with the added senior executive responsibility for HR, IT, legal, risk management, facilities and infrastructure. I know only too well how to relate to and support healthcare professionals.

I'm a committed Aucklander, passionate about urgently addressing community mental health issues, treatment of cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal conditions.

ADHB provides many critically important national services in addition to meeting the health demands of our rapidly-growing, diverse Auckland population. To deal with those challenges the Board requires members who are patient and future-focused, sector experienced and knowledgeable. I'm just that.

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