José Fowler

Local Board Candidate for Albert-Eden (Owairaka)


José Fowler

I've lived in Albert-Eden for 20 years and for 14 years have stood up for our neighbourhood as chair of a local neighbourhood association.

Married for 25 years to Sally, we have three children. Our youngest attended Mt Albert Grammar. I'm a cycling coach at Diocesan. I understand how replacing Eden Park with high-density housing would seriously impact our already stretched schooling infrastructure, local resources and amenities.

Running a local business, I understand how poor decision-making and communication by Council, Albert-Eden Local Board and Auckland Transport causes real-world chaos, costs and delays.

Council needs change. That starts with our Local Board. Vote for a team that will deliver better results.

As your local voice I will focus on safer neighbourhoods, higher standards of community consultation and cutting wasteful spending.

We deserve leadership that listens and can work together to get things done.

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