Lee Corrick

Local Board for Albert-Eden (Maungawhau)


Lee Corrick

I am a current Local Board member and JP with 16 years experience in the finance sector. I have a record of delivering for the Albert-Eden community including the upgrade of Windmill Park courts and Potters Park.

As a long-term local, I care deeply about our unique community.  Over the next three years my priorities are having a high standard of community facilities and parks, improved pedestrian safety, especially around schools and to strengthen community networks.

I enjoy working alongside the community to navigate the often-confusing council processes.  

Ensuring transparent decision making and a financially prudent Council is important to me. I bring a respectful and balanced approach to the board.

I will continue working hard to provide a strong local voice for you.

Only four ticks for C&R in the Maungawhau subdivision will see new leadership on the Albert-Eden Local Board.

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