Rachel Langton

Local Board for Albert-Eden (Maungawhau)


Rachel Langton

I’m a current Local Board member, with 6 years service and love our Albert-Eden community. I have over 10 years professional experience as a lawyer, in employment and local government law, and in corporate employment relations.

I am delighted to call Mt Eden home and live here with my husband and 3 young children. I’m an EGGS alumna, my children attend Maungawhau Primary, Eden Rugby, Cornwall Cricket, and our lovely local kindys.

As a Local Board member, my successes include championing the Potters Park redevelopment, and the sporting facility upgrades at Windmill and Nicholson Parks.

I’m a proud member of C&R. We support low rates, making Eden Park financially sustainable, and ensuring Auckland Transport supports ALL transport modes- buses, bikes, trains AND cars.

Only four ticks for C&R in the Maungawhau subdivision will see new leadership on the Albert-Eden Local Board.

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