Sandra Paterson

Local Board Candidate for Whau


Sandra Paterson

As an Avondale business owner, I'm proud of my Whau family heritage, which extends across two generations and more than 40 years.

Interacting daily with Whau residents, I see the need for a local board that consults the community, takes time to listen, and delivers practical, common-sense solutions to our social, economic and environmental issues. Change is needed.

We all recognise our neighbourhoods are intensifying. We need to keep our town centres at a 'human scale'. We need to take care to preserve our sense of community. Community is more than where we live, it's about how we live together.

Fostering our small business community will provide increased employment and economic growth, further enhancing local lifestyle opportunities. We can work in partnership to make the Whau a place we are proud to call home. Businesses and residents working hand-in-hand.

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