Shefali Mehta

Licensing Trust Candidate for Portage Licensing Trust


Shefali Mehta

I am energetic, enthusiastic and hardworking. I value my local community and offer a deep understanding of our community together with management skills as an accountant. I enjoy my roles as a JP and Rotary member.

I will be a strong voice for you and strive for more money to be returned to the community to support health, education, sports and arts. Since 1987 I have served communities in India, Fiji, East Africa and Papua New Guinea. In 1994 I was awarded the British Empire Medal by Papua New Guinea government and in 2016 Queen Service Medal for Services to The Community by the NZ government. I respect and appreciate family values of different ethnicities.

I live in Waterview with my husband, have two grown up boys and two grandchildren.

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