Danielle Grant
Candidate for North Shore Ward

Currently deputy chairperson on the Auckland Council Kaipatiki Local Board. Local board member continuously since 2013.

“Auckland has lost its way. Auckland has never been in a more serious financial situation. We need elected members with the business acumen to make better decisions with ratepayers’ money,” says Danielle Grant.
“I have the private sector acumen skills and business experience required to deliver the results needed to get Auckland Council back on track, along with the voice to speak up for our community and push on the issues that matter most to the North Shore – such as our increasing cost of living, law and order, housing, public transport, environment, and our sports infrastructure and assets.
“I am an engaging leader with a deep interest in providing the good governance that enables organisations to perform at their best and deliver on their strategy.”

Make the ‘right’ choice – vote Danielle Grant for Auckland Council in the North Shore Ward.

Community involvement:

  • Leader of the Auckland Council Kaipatiki Local Board for nine years - representing the interests of more than 88,000 North Shore residents in a socio-economically and culturally diverse area
  • A strong advocate for residents, local business, sporting, community, and environmental groups
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Certified Resource Management Act commissioner
  • Member New Zealand Institute of Directors
  • Glenfield resident since 2007, married with three children – two of whom are attending North Shore schools
  • Board of Trustees member for Bayview School.

Believes in:

The North Shore’s environment – “So that we can all enjoy the area’s stunning green open spaces, bush, and beaches. Under my chairmanship and deputy chairmanship, the Kaipatiki Local Board has made its largest ever investment into our natural environment - with programmes focusing on pest plant and weed management, stream quality monitoring, pollution prevention, zero-waste programmes, and kauri dieback reduction strategies. I am incredibly proud of the environmental work undertaken by groups such as Pest Free Kaipatiki and Kaipatiki Project, and of the tireless contributions of a vast number of restoration volunteers."

Sport and leisure – “I will continue to advocate for more funding into grass roots sporting activities. I support our sports clubs who need improved facilities and high quality/well maintained sports fields and amenities to deliver all the sport in our area, every day of the week. Our sporting clubs must be adequately funded to ensure the greatest level of participation, without fees being a barrier. I have the greatest respect and appreciation for all the volunteers who keep our sports clubs going.
I am committed to free swimming for our children at our leisure centres, continuing to build high quality playgrounds with shade sails. I am continually looking at the ongoing maintenance of, and investment in, our council-administered playgrounds so that they are appealing to a variety of ages and stages. We must ensure that our families can enjoy a wonderful mix of facilities - such as innovative climbing frames, bike tracks, flying foxes, swings, nature play, shade sails, toilet facilities, and all access equipment.”

Transport – “Congestion on Auckland’s North Shore is concerning us all. Improved public transport is part of the answer. We need an honest conversation about real multimodal transport connections to the North Shore. Good road connections will enable the continuation of the Northern Busway into the central city, provide alternative truck freight options, allow emergency vehicles, couriers, commercial vehicles, as well as provide reliance to an increasingly unreliable harbour bridge. Reliable transport links and cost-effective public transport options are essential for a city to be world-class. Our North Shore Ward is surrounded on three sides by water, so reliable main highway links and mixed-mode transport from land and sea are important.”

Good Urban Design - Auckland needs to ‘grow smart’ and have a focused urban development plan.  We must push back on extreme intensification and ensure a smart growth policy that is 50-year-forward facing, effective, functional and balances the needs of ratepayers.  

Tax  “I do not support two fuel taxes in Auckland, as I cannot see the fair and equitable benefits for my community - especially in the short term.”

Three Waters – “I do not support the Three Waters Legislation.”

Community engagement and public meetings  “I actively seek my community's opinions through a variety of consultation events and forums. I lead my community by organising public meetings and events for the ‘Help Save Heritage’ campaign. I invite my community to attend Kaipatiki Local Board meetings and workshops - which are all open to the public - and to actively listen to the conversation, information and debate. We must build greater collaboration within the Governing Body to ensure transparency and trust between Aucklanders and their Council.”



Cost of living pressures and law and order: key issues being addressed by council candidates

Addressing the rapidly increasing cost of living and turning around the breakdown of law and order in Auckland, have been highlighted as key polices for two candidates standing in the city’s upcoming council elections, for the North Shore Ward.
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