To improve Auckland’s environment, we will:


  • Review Auckland Council’s climate change targeted rate.

  • Revise Auckland Council’s emissions reduction plans to focus on priority areas of more sustainable transport, built and natural environments to reduce emissions quicker and more economically.

  • Make electric buses and ferries more available and expand EV chargers in public car parks throughout Auckland.

  • Supplement the five-yearly State of the Auckland Environment report with annual report cards.

Harbours and Coastlines

  • Prioritise investment for storm/waste water separation to get cleaner beaches faster.

  • Screen and remove waste materials from storm water before it reaches the harbours.

  • Prioritise investment into coastal inundation mitigation projects to better manage the impact of rising sea levels.

  • Improve the management of Kaipara, Manukau and Waitematā harbours and the Hauraki Gulf.

  • Oppose plans to amalgamate the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland’s Regional Parks network.

Parks and Green Space

  • Balance growth with ample green space provision.

  • Protect Auckland’s existing green spaces from government-imposed intensification plans.

  • Use Development Contributions to improve existing green space and provide additional green space to meet demand locally and regionally.

  • Boost community tree planting.

  • Review Auckland Council’s input to revegetating Auckland’s maunga.

  • Revise playground investment rules to include better sun-protection (e.g., shade sails, tree planting) and include provision for mobility-impaired playground equipment.

  • Reactivate Notable Tree Register and improve tree protections across Auckland.

  • Revise stadium strategy with an emphasis on making best use of Auckland’s existing facilities.

  • Seek government funding for national important facilities, such as Eden Park and the Auckland War Memorial Museum.


  • Partner with, and invest in, Auckland’s community and regional sports organisations and facilities to drive sport in Auckland from the grassroots up.

  • Address the significant shortage of covered courts, including with the use of cost-effective court covers and non-slip sports tiles suitable for netball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, tennis and other sports.

  • Retain Auckland’s existing golf courses on publicly-owned land to continue providing accessible facilities, and build walking and cycling paths around golf courses to increase public access and use

Pest animals and plants

  • Expand Pest Free Auckland plans and increase funding for local board initiatives to reduce pest plants and animals at a local level.

  • Invest in education programmes that support local pest management.


  • Incentivise all producers of waste, including commercial and industrial, to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Make inorganic recycling easier. Boost resources to combat illegal dumping and increase fines.

  • Expand the waste minimisation plans to include recycling facilities in all parts of Auckland.

  • Mining waste stream as much as is practically and economically viable.

  • Investigate the construction of a waste to energy plant to reduce landfill.

  • Increase community-led recycling opportunities.

  • Incentivise long-term, effective water conservation measures for residential, commercial and industrial users, including the reuse of grey water, and wastewater for industrial purposes.


  • Oppose the forced amalgamation of Auckland’s water resources planned under the Three Waters approach.

  • Prioritise investment into Auckland’s water storage and incentivise domestic tank water storage to ensure reliable safe water supply.

  • Improve Watercare’s governance and future planning to ensure robust accountability for the funding of infrastructure.
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