Housing, Building & Infrastructure development

Housing, Building & Infrastructure development

To support design-led housing supply and improved central government investment in infrastructure, we will:

  • Better protect the heritage and special character of Auckland’s built environment.

  • Make it easier to build and refurbish houses by improving the efficiency of Auckland Council’s consenting teams.

  • Call for greater infrastructure funding from central government to support housing development, and to repeal the legislation that makes it compulsory for Auckland Council (with exceptions) to allow three developments on single sites, of up to three storeys without a resource consent.

  • More effectively consult with local communities to improve quality, and increase awareness of building developments in their neighbourhoods.

  • Require Auckland’s core transport, water and other utility infrastructure providers to improve the way they work together, and minimise disruption times and costs e.g. from duplication of road and path works due to poor coordination.

  • Advocate greater commitment to consult with local communities regarding ratepayer control of local water assets.

  • Strengthen the requirements for quality design outcomes.

  • Consider land betterment charges on land that increases in value due to Auckland Council's significant planning initiatives and infrastructure investment.

  • Use Development Contributions to properly accommodate growth, i.e.:

    • Set development contributions in existing urban areas at a level that provides sufficient funds for new and increased capacity infrastructure to meet the needs of growth, and ensures infrastructure provision for existing communities is not significantly reduced.

    • Set development contributions that will be charged to the builders of the planned 300,000 additional dwellings in Auckland’s current urban area over the next 30 years, so development contributions will fund the purchase and development of new neighbourhood parks, where needed.

    • Include in contributions a commercial development provision to fund the purchase and development of land that supports commercial activity in that area, such as the provision of off-street car parking.
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