Press Release

May 2, 2021

Albert-Eden by-election policy released


Our C&R Maungawhau team's exciting plans for Albert-Eden:

Lower rates rises / value for money:

  • Support lower rate rises
  • Advocate for higher quality rates spending and better delivery of core services
  • Advocate for getting core infrastructure right, including footpaths and community centres


  • Support our locals to have a voice with large and small-scale developments
  • Advocate for a grass roots up review of the Super City legislation

Town centres:

  • Fix Greenwoods Corner Village Centre intersection
  • Support our local villages and business associations in Epsom, Mt Eden, Kingsland, and Dominion Rd
  • Protect our carparking in village centres

Community spaces that thrive:

  • Support thriving village centres and strong local communities
  • Respect residents' voices and protect our local democracy
  • Prioritise family and children friendly places
  • Support our volunteers


  • Deliver Central Auckland’s first ‘Recycling and Waste Education Centre'
  • Increase our important Urban Forest/ Ngahere Strategy
  • Support sensible targeted water and environmental investment


  • Prioritise critical sports field upgrades
  • Deliver an all-weather court cover and a playground at Windmill Reserve in Mt Eden/Epsom


  • Protect our cherished Chamberlain Park 18-hole Golf course
  • Prioritise child/family friendly greenspaces
  • Advocate for using open space development contributions to increase green space

Eden Park:

  • Support a financially sustainable Eden Park

Transport that works:

  • Advocate for a Transport Hub at Greenlane Train Station
  • Work with Auckland Transport to reduce local traffic congestion
  • Continue the Residents Parking Schemes in Mt Eden, Kingsland, and Greenlane

The Government is pushing ahead with Light Rail on Dominion Road. IF this project goes ahead it will have a significant impact on local communities. Our C&R Maungawhau team will advocate for:

  • Strong, independent local advocates on the Establishment Unit to hold the government and transport agencies to account
  • A service that serves locals, not a racetrack to the airport
  • A proposal for construction and operation that is financially realistic
  • The retention of kerbside parking, stopping, and right turns at certain times of the day on Dominion Road
  • The replacement of any parking that is removed
  • An effective and properly funded support program for businesses that are adversely effected during the multi-year construction period

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