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April 6, 2021

C&R calls for Auckland mayoralty expressions of interest


Communities and Residents (C&R) is calling for expressions of interest for the 2022 Auckland mayoral election.

"It has been over a decade since the supercity formed and Aucklanders have not yet seen the progress needed on the issues that matter most," says C&R President Kit Parkinson.

"Auckland is struggling on several fronts - overloaded infrastructure; grid-lock traffic; a water crisis; polluted beaches; funding to enable growth; and poor strategic planning. It is very clear we have not got the council we deserve.

"Successive left-wing Labour leadership has created huge frustration and dismay. Auckland residents feel increasingly disenfranchised from council and it's CCOs with poor delivery over consultation and local democracy. One in four people are satisfied with council performance; this is extremely worrying for our largest local government arrangement.  

"We need change, which is why C&R is throwing its hat in the ring and looking for a solutions-focused candidate who will bring fresh leadership to our communities."

Serving Aucklanders for over 80 years, C&R is the most experienced political group in Auckland local government whose values include putting local residents at the heart of decision-making, smart spending of ratepayer money, delivering core council services, and preserving our environment.

C&R intends to stand candidates for mayor, council and local board in the 2022 Auckland local elections.

Please send your mayoral expression of interest to:

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