Press Release

October 8, 2019

C&R seeks to have ASA decision reviewed


The Communities and Residents (C&R) Waitemata Local Board candidates double down on Local Board 40% overspend claim.

C&R acknowledges the decision by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and notes page 4 of the ASA judgement found the Waitemata Local Board have spent nearly 20% more than budgeted.  

To calculate the 20% overspend, the ASA has used a revised budget, rather than the Annual Plan budget. That revised budget, relied on by ASA as the original, made no reference to the fact it was a revised budget.

The C&R Waitemata Local Board candidates contend the ASA decision was based on a revised budget and not the original. The candidates also maintain their claim the current Waitemata Local Board has overspent it’s original operating expenditure of $21,088,000 by 40% and assure voters of full transparency of financial information, including details of original budgets. C&R has already provided the ASA with the annual plan budget, so there can be no doubt.

C&R also notes the political conflicts of the complainant were not referred to in the decision.

The C&R Waitemata Local Board candidates are happy to be raising for public discussion a 40% overspend on the current Board's annual operating budget. With only a few days to go until election day, C&R is encouraging voters to return their ballots and vote for people who are committed to full transparency, rather than those who play time wasting political games like City Vision.

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