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June 13, 2019

C&R selects fresh team for Puketāpapa Local Board


Communities and Residents (C&R) is proud to announce the six candidates who will run on the C&R ticket for the Puketāpapa Local Board in the 2019 Auckland local elections.

Re-standing for the Puketāpapa Local Board is current member Ella Kumar who will be joined by new candidates Tina Chen, Jeff Johnson, Fiona Lai, Aswhin Ranchhod and Jonathan Subritzky.  

“We’re pleased to have a strong and talented team of local leaders who are committed to their community. Their diverse backgrounds, skills, and energy will be an asset for the residents of Puketāpapa/Mt Roskill,” says Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Councillor candidates Councillor Christine Fletcher and international cities leader Mark Thomas.  

Current Local Board member, Ella Kumar has a wealth of local government experience and has taken an active role to ensure all Puketāpapa groups thrive and build community foundations. During her 9 years on the Local Board, Ella has held portfolios in Events, Arts and Culture; Library; Sport and Recreation; and Economic Development. She has a reputation as someone who is action-focused, fair, and delivers for all residents. Ella supports housing intensification with smart development that balances open space.

Fiona Lai has dedicated her time to the community as a pharmacist, mother, and local resident for over 30 years. She has served as a school prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar, a Welfare Rep at the University of Auckland School of Pharmacy, and is now mentoring youth at her church. Over the course of her career, Fiona has worked closely with different cultures and age groups and has gained considerable knowledge and experience that will contribute to the community’s development.  She reads and writes Chinese, and speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese.

Ashwin Ranchhod has lived in Mt Roskill for 48 years, and over the last 5 years has been actively involved in the local rugby and cricket club, as well as the local school that his children attend. Ashwin is a strong supporter of community-centered decision-making and is committed to unlocking the potential in the area. As a strong local voice, Ashwin will advocate for better community consultation to deliver accessible public transport, core council services, and greater community involvement.

Jonathan Subritzky currently studies law and commerce at the University of Auckland. He was born and raised locally and now works in the area as an assistant Scout Leader. Jonathan has a passion for young people and seeks to be a genuine voice for the younger residents of Mt Roskill. Jonathan’s vision is for Mt Roskill to be a community that presents opportunities, works for everyone of all ages, and has a strong focus on sensible policies that work.

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