Press Release

June 26, 2019

C&R selects Tracy Mulholland as Whau Council Candidate


Current Whau Local Board Chair Tracy Mulholland will stand as a Communities and Residents (C&R) council candidate for the Whau Ward at this year’s Auckland local elections.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to put the communities of Kelston, Avondale, New Lynn, Green Bay, Rosebank, New Windsor and Blockhouse Bay first when it comes to Council decisions affecting them,” says Ms Mulholland.  

Ms Mulholland has led substantial projects for her constituents, including continued work on the New Lynn regeneration and the major town centre project in Avondale. In her role as a community leader and Chair of the board, Ms Mulholland helped secure over $21million for the Avondale Community Facility and new Library, and over $3.3million for Avondale streetscape and paver replacement. She is leading the Whau Local Board’s advocacy to secure $105million for the Pool and Recreation centre as a regional facility in the local area.  

“Many local residents have asked me to stand for Council and to serve as their voice around the Auckland Council table. Whau is home to some of Auckland’s most talented and industrious residents.

“My candidacy reflects a commitment to local residents at the heart of decision-making. Big party politics has its place, but it’s not in local government. Instead, we have to get on with the task of saving our weekly household rubbish collection service, improving our local parks, working with key stakeholders like the Avondale Jockey Club and our local retailers, and keeping sports fields free for clubs and community groups.

“My background in local economic development, both within the corporate and charitable sectors, gives me a strong foundation to serve, but it’s my willingness to walk the talk, listen to people, and reference decisions to ratepayers' priorities that sets me apart.

“The communities of Kelston, Avondale, New Lynn, Green Bay, Rosebank, New Windsor and Blockhouse Bay deserve a councillor who will put their futures at the heart of decision-making around the Auckland Council table. My candidacy for the Whau Ward provides an option for my constituents to do just that,” says Ms Mulholland.

C&R is the most experienced political group in Auckland local government. An organisation whose values include local community centered decision-making, responsible budget management and supporting growth at an affordable pace. C&R will keep growth within the unitary plan limits, and will keep Auckland moving by placing much greater scrutiny on Auckland Transport.

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