Press Release

September 20, 2019

Greater transparency of local board finances needed


Information about an Auckland Local Board's finances shared with Communities and Residents (C&R) highlights the need for Council to be transparent about its fluid budgeting processes.

In recent statements, C&R claimed the incumbent Waitematā Local Board was 40 per cent over budget this year. This information was supplied from a source close to the Waitematā Local Board, further investigation reveals a revised CAPEX budget showing an increase of over 50 per cent.

The claim, by C&R’s source, of 40 per cent overspend is difficult to prove due to Council’s behind the scenes budgeting process, highlighting C&R's concerns with the Local Board's lack of transparency and access by ratepayers to the full working of the financial reporting process.

C&R is committed to responsibly managing finances, stopping Council’s wasteful spending, and will create a "Whistle-Blowing" Office for residents, local businesses and staff to report on service delivery and spending decisions.

Only a vote for your local C&R candidates will deliver better value for your rates.

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