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July 25, 2019

Strong and experienced team announced for Pakuranga subdivision


Current Howick Local Board members Garry Boles, Katrina Bungard and David Collings will stand as Communities and Residents (C&R) candidates for the Pakuranga subdivision at the Auckland local elections in October. The strong and experienced team are deeply rooted in their communities, have a proven track record of delivery, and will continue to advocate for and champion local needs.

Garry Boles is a Howick Local Board member and currently leads the Sports and Recreation portfolio. He has been a popular and active New Zealand Police Officer for 20 years with particular experience as a Community Constable in Botany. He now holds district wide leadership and advocacy responsibilities. In his roles, Garry has sought sensible and transparent solutions to local issues, ensured there is careful and smart spending of ratepayer money, and has put local residents at the heart of decision-making. He has worked to deliver the $8m Multi Sports Centre project, advocated for cleaner beaches and waterways, and is known for speaking up in support of community initiatives that bring locals closer together. Garry is a long-time Pakuranga resident and is committed to achieving the best results for the Howick Local Board community.

Katrina Bungard is Deputy Chair of the Howick Local Board and successfully leads the Community Development and Arts and Culture portfolios. She is a strong, fiscally conservative community advocate and a proven hard worker for Pakuranga. In her role, Katrina has delivered the new ferry facility and pathway at Half Moon Bay, worked together with central government to ensure the continuation of AMETI projects, and advocated for local facility upgrades. She is the Chairperson of the Manukau East Council of Social Services, and represents the community as an elected member on the Counties Manukau District Health Board. Katrina is a qualified education specialist who holds several degrees including a Masters in Educational Leadership, management and Policy. As a Pakuranga resident, Katrina is committed to making the Howick Local Board area a vibrant, safe and healthy place to live.

David Collings brings over two decades of experience in local government serving Pakuranga. He was elected to the Pakuranga Community Board in 1998, served nine years as a Manukau City Councillor, and for the past nine years served as a Howick Local Board member- the last six as chairman. David also chaired the AMETI transport project and was instrumental in achieving the Reeves Road Flyover project, along with improvements to public transport and delivering greater accessibility in the area. David has offered stable leadership, worked with various community organisations, and provided quality decision-making and project delivery. He is delighted to be re-standing with a team that has shown the ability to get the job done, and will continue to be a strong local voice for the residents of Pakuranga.

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