Tania Batucan
Mt Wellington Licensing Trust Vice President

Currently Vice-President of the Mt Wellington Licensing Trust, I have lived in Mt Wellington for 24 years. It’s my home with my husband and two boys. Mt Wellington is a changing diverse community which I love being a part of.

My career has spanned from administration, sales management, and business development to industries such as IT, security and finance. I now operate a small local business on Barrack Road. I was instrumental in setting up the Mt Wellington Community Patrol, which I actively volunteer for, and the Mt Wellington Residents Association.

My passion for thriving communities and my determination to build a stronger and safer environment for our families will be an asset to the local board team. With your C&R team, I will prioritise community safety, easing traffic congestion, especially along Mt Wellington Highway, and better community facilities and green spaces.



Strong team selected for Maungakiekie-Tāmaki

Communities and Residents (C&R) has proudly selected its strong team to stand for the Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board in the 2022 Auckland local elections. Incumbents Don Allan, Debbie Burrows and Tony Woodcock have been re-selected to stand for the Maungakiekie subdivision of the local board and are joined by elected members Tania Batucan and Tabetha Gorrie, who will contest the Tāmaki subdivision with new candidates Simon Hema and Michael Pepper.
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