& Residents

Existing for over 81 years, Communities and Residents (C&R) is a voluntary grass-roots association of members, and is the longest standing political grouping in Auckland local government.

What C&R stands for:

Doing the basics well –
We recognise that the council is empowered and paid by the community to deliver core services that provide infrastructure to allow families, communities, and businesses to thrive.

Intergenerational sustainability –
We have inherited Auckland, our environment, and our amenities. C&R representatives note our duty to pass this inheritance on to the next generation. Decisions to do, or not do, things now will have long-term effects, and we must be mindful of that.

Responsible spending –
Every dollar paid in rates is a dollar taken from the pockets of families and businesses. This requires compassion and respect for the everyday struggles of our families, businesses, and communities. C&R representatives recognise this sacrifice, and work to deliver value and efficiency in the necessary work of local government.

Listening to our communities –
We serve the individuals and communities of Auckland. Elected representatives must know and serve the communities that choose us. C&R representatives take the time to remain grounded in our communities and attentive to local needs and hold officers and CCOs to the same standard.  

Empowering Aucklanders to work, live and play –
We must support our families and businesses to thrive. To do this we need limited bureaucracy to ensure Local Council empowers development, business and 'not for profit' initiatives in our local communities.

People before politics –
We are about people, not politics. We listen and serve all Aucklanders, keeping local government, local.

Our Vision

To manage the resources prudently for the benefit of current and future generations

To bring a balanced approach to current and future challenges that the region faces

To build an inclusive and affordable Auckland that is both sympathetic to its communities and residents, and realistic as to its role and capabilities.

To ensure that a strong and appropriate governance culture is created to help deliver to the communities and residents of Auckland.

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“Whitespace is like air: it is necessary for design to breathe.” – Wojciech Zieliński

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